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About Oliver

Hi! My name is Ollie and I am a Melbourne-based, professional drummer and teacher with a passion for jazz, funk, fusion and Latin music. 

I am a well-established musician within the Melbourne Jazz and Latin scene and perform regularly with the Paris Cat Big Band, Daryl McKenzie Jazz Orchestra, Mark Fitzgibbon Trio, Salzon and La Influencia (Night Cat) plus many smaller ensembles and jazz combos. 

I hold a Bachelor of Music from the James Morrison Academy of Music (Uni SA) and I am currently completing 4th year Honours at Melbourne University focusing on Latin/Cuban styles. 


Career highlights include performing with Dick Oats (NYC), Rich De Rosa (UNT), JACL Musicians and tours with James Morrison and Australian National Jazz Orchestra. 

I have worked as a drum teacher in both primary and secondary school settings as well as teaching private students.


"Master your instrument, master the music and then forget all that and just play."

Charlie Parker


Live performances, studio recording, musical theatre productions, teacher and accompanist.


Jazz Combo's

From Sinatra to Snarky Puppy, Ollie can curate a stylish and customisable jazz ensemble  tailored to your specific event or function.


Equipment & Servicing

Need advice on buying or selling a new drum kit? Not sure how to set up, tune or reskin drums? Ollie can help!   

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