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Are you looking for a highly skilled Jazz, Latin, Funk or Musical Theatre drummer for a live performance, rehearsal, event or studio recording?
Look no further! With years of professional drumming, music training and sight-reading experience, I can confidently play a wide range of musical styles and genres. Contact me today to discuss your project!

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Drum Retail (Billy Hyde) is my side hustle so I can offer professional advice on buying/selling a wide range of drum gear & accessories through both retail and second-hand markets.  I enjoy teaching new (and old!)  drummers how to set up, reskin and tune drums to achieve optimal playing ergonomics and sound profiles. So, if you have a budding drummer in your orbit and don't quite know where to start.....

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Nothing adds to an event or special occasion like a live band!

Whether you're looking for an elegant jazz trio, brassy big band or an energetic Latin salsa band, I can curate a wide range of musical combos comprising professional and service-focused musicians to suit your event and budget. Click through for more information.

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